Impact of Your Gift to RAINN

When you give to RAINN, you’re not just donating to an organization—you’re helping to improve the lives of thousands of people affected by sexual violence.

Where Your Money Goes

95¢ of your dollar will go directly to RAINN’s programs and services.

Breakdown of donation dollars spent. 93 cents per dollar go directly to programs and services.

How does my donation help?

  • Allows an average of 833 survivors to receive help through RAINN’s hotlines each day
  • Educates more than 130 million people per year on prevention and recovery through relationships with the entertainment industry, the media, and local communities
  • Enlists the help of college administrators, Congress, and students on hundreds of campuses to hold colleges accountable for preventing and responding to sexual violence
  • Expands the use of DNA to eliminate the backlog of untested rape kits
  • Improves sexual assault laws and policies to ensure that survivors get the justice they deserve

RAINN is a national leader

As the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, RAINN’s work is recognized by the media, members of Congress, and independent watchdog groups as a responsible leader among nonprofit organizations. Here are some of our accomplishments in Fiscal Year 2018:

  • RAINN’s victim services programs helped 234,841 people this fiscal year.
  • Partnered with many TV shows on storylines about sexual violence, including Annual Impact Report 4 Lifetime’s unREAL, CMT’s Nashville, and HBO’s The Tale.
  • Received donated ads from more than a dozen television networks to promote the National Sexual Assault Hotline.
  • Provided information and interviews to the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, ABC, NBC, Politico, and more than 500 other media outlets.
  • Speakers Bureau members were featured in ABC News, NPR, New York Magazine, and other outlets.
  • Conducted media trainings in LA and New York for Speakers Bureau members.
  • Worked closely with congressional leaders and Olympic athletes to enact the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act, to prevent and respond to the sexual abuse of minors and amateur athletes.
  • Partnered with pro bono counsel from Hogan Lovells, LLP, to prepare an amicus brief in the matter of Bill Cosby, urging the court to allow additional victim testimony to demonstrate Cosby’s pattern of predatory behavior.
  • Provided hands-on expert advice to state and local jurisdictions working to address and prevent rape kit backlogs, as members of the DOJ-appointed Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Training and Technical Assistance team.
  • Testified before Congress on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and the implementation of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.
  • Worked with organizations in higher education, secondary education, and travel and entertainment sectors to review and strengthen their sexual assault prevention and response programs.
  • Created best practice standards for institutes of higher education to help them improve their prevention, adjudication, and response programs.
  • Operated sexual assault and therapy fund hotlines for 12 federal agencies, universities, boarding schools, hospitals, and youth-serving organizations.

Financial information

RAINN is committed to meeting the highest standards of fiscal management, program effectiveness, and governance. Our financial statements are audited by Aronson LLC.

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